Delivery Information

Shipping & Delivery

• Can I track my order?

Yes. Most orders from Caligraphix can be tracked. 

We understand how important it is to know the status and whereabouts of your order, so we've put a tracking link in your shipment confirmation email. You can also track your order from your account:

  1. Click on My Account. (If you are not signed in already, you will be prompted to do so.)
  2. Click on View Your Order History in the "Account Tools" section.
  3. Click on the order number and a detailed receipt displays. 
  4. Click the Track button in the "Actions" column.
  5. The tracking page for the shipping company will open and display shipping information for your order.

Flat Delivery Shipping in the Continental USA

We ship through Fedex an USPS, most of the time you will get a tracking number.  Except with small quantity stickers runs we will ship it through regular  US Mail Pos without a tracking number.


Do we deliver outside the USA

For now we don't we are working to get the best solution for shipping for all those customers outside the United States of America.