About Us



We are compromised to deliver Quality

 When you give us your project we like to work as our own project, we know you are going to be asked who did your Design and you will recommend us for sure.


Working together

We like to hear our clients so we can know what they're looking for, we love to work together client and designer to find the best for you


One place for everything

You can bring your needs and you receive a complete solution, everything in one place, Excellent Graphic Design and best quality and eco friendly printed materials for your business.

So why choose another company when you can be sure you will be always the most important thing to us.

a few words about us

Why did Caligraphix become the best option as a Graphic Design Company?

We found a lot of publicity in all kind of media as:  Business cards, flyers, postcards, webpages, etc.  And we knew there was out there people who is in need for a real graphic design, there's a lot of companies throwing away all of they money in Graphic Design pieces that never will reach their potential customers.  That was exactly what we want to change, we want to help business people to invest their money in professional Graphic Design pieces which are more attractive to their potential customers.

How do I know about the quality of work of Caligraphix?

You can notice it when you just land in any of our website pages, but if you want to see what kind of work we can do you can visit a catalog of our in house Graphic Designer at:



Board Of Equalization California

We are registered in Board Of Equalization of California, we as a small company want to contribute to the society paying our taxes as it should be. So please feel comfortable when choosing us to work for you.

Business License

In May 28th 2015 Caligraphix obtained the Palmdale City Business License to complaint with all the government requirements to be a company in the USA.